What You Should Know About Electric Wheelchairs

When you find yourself at the point where your mobility is limited, you begin to wonder what your options are for mobility assistance. One of the most popular mobility assistance devices available today is the electric wheelchair. While you may think that you can get by using just a standard push wheelchair, you should get to know some of the important facts about mobility limitations and electric wheelchairs to determine whether or not an electric wheelchair is the right choice for you and your mobility needs. [Read More]

How To Conduct Hearing Screenings For Kids With Autism

It can be a challenge testing hearing in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, it's important to detect hearing impairments in kids who already have problems with verbal communication. Even a minor hearing problem can interfere with a child's ability to communicate and learn. Speech-language pathologists and other licensed professionals who conduct hearing screenings often have more success when they have a better understanding of an individual child's behavior. Knowing how the child thinks and behaves can help you choose the appropriate screening strategies. [Read More]

Why You Need A Wheelchair Accessible Van

A wheelchair accessible van is a big advantage for anyone who wants to make their own life - and the lives of others like caretakers - much easier. You can use your wheelchair accessible van to ride in comfort for everything from supermarket trips to road trips across the country. Here are three reasons that this van will be the best new acquisition that you make this year. Physical Benefits [Read More]

Recovering From Foot Surgery? Find Pain-Free Mobility With A Knee Scooter

It used to be that when you had surgery on your lower leg, your only option was to use crutches to get around while your injuries healed. But crutches can be problematic for a few reasons. For one, they dig into your armpits. For another, they tend to slip on icy or otherwise slick surfaces. Furthermore, using crutches can be tiring. If you only have to go from the couch to a kitchen, they are not a big deal, but if you have a lot of ground to cover during your day, you should look for other options. [Read More]